Chef Profile

Wearing two hats with equal expertise, Executive Chef and Food and Beverage Manager David Farmer shares his knowledge, passion and vast experience with the SQ Restaurant team and guests dining for a feast.

Entering the kitchen as young as 15, David has continuously grown his skills, charmed by the fast pace of commercial kitchens and finding himself in well-known and much awarded establishments around the country. Sharing his creations with renowned politicians and most notably, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the second in 1988, David has enjoyed the opportunity to expand his culinary style in almost any space. It is with this enthusiasm that he continues to innovate tastes and plate with flair.

After having successfully owned his own restaurants, David now crafts mouth-watering dishes for Mantra Hindmarsh Square’s SQ Restaurant and Lounge, impressing all who take a seat and browse the menu.

David aims to showcase local South Australian produce, particularly that which is grown sustainably and organically, all the while following a farm to plate philosophy. Leaning towards indigenous foods and Asian tastes lends a trendy edge to David’s cuisine, with local seasonal food ensuring tastes are always fresh.